Help more donors give more.

TapGive is the fastest and simplest way to take online donations on your website. You can collect your first online donation in minutes.  

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Hi Non-profits! You’re doing your part to make the world a better place, and you want to make it easier for your donors to partner in your mission. Online donation software is notorious for being hard to use. TapGive makes it easier to let your donors give you money so you can focus on your mission.



Giving Simplified

Your would-be donors have tremendous giving potential. Make sure you don’t distract them with intimidating data-entry and long information forms. Generous people expect giving to be easier, especially millennials and they love automatic gifts, because it helps them remain disciplined with their giving. To act, TapGive has designed a donation button that makes it quicker and easier for people to donate online with fewer form fields.


Focused Donors

Most giving platforms take donors to a separate “giving” site for the actual donation. TapGive keeps donors right where you want them - on your site. Focused on your content. This makes giving faster while keeping donors focused on your message and mission for a bigger impact.


Reports Streamlined

The donor experience is augmented by annual reports that summarize all of their online giving to make it easier for generous people to ensure their gifts are going as far as possible and they’re getting the full tax benefits from all of their giving. You can skip the envelope stuffing.



No headaches. It just works.

You won’t have to worry about ongoing costs or maintenance. TapGive just works. And since we only charge per transaction, there are no monthly costs to worry about. You only pay for what you use.


Increase conversion from viewer to donor.

We believe that giving money online should be easier. That’s why we built a team of user experience and usability experts to optimize TapGive to be the easiest way for donors to be more generous with your organization.


“It’s easy, just tap give.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if receiving money from your donors really was this easy? We help donors be more—more effective, more impactful and more generous—while boosting your viewer-to-donor conversion rate. TapGive also helps donors STAY engaged by converting them to recurring givers.